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Morningstar originally started in 2003 for the distinct purpose of long-term investing in the rental housing, real estate market in Wilmington, DE. Since 2003 we have owned and rented almost exclusively in the City of Wilmington.

In December of 2010, we opened a new office at 214 W. 7th st. to increase our presence in the downtown area where we currently have a concentration of our properties.

We have sought from the beginning to find distressed properties to purchase and renovate them as desirable and functioning rental units. It is our desire to invest and increase the value of the property and the neighborhood with each and every acquisition.

Our goal has been to provide affordable housing to moderate income groups in the city. More importantly than just providing equal housing opportunities we are striving to raise the bar for rental units in this market and bring change to Wilmington one unit at a time.

If interested in renting an apartment simply fill out the tenant pre screen form below, click submit, and we will respond by figuring out a time to view your future home.

7th and Orange ApartmentsThese beautiful 7th and Orange apartments are located in downtown Wilmington, DE just a minutes walk from shopping and restaurants. For more pictures click on the image and use the password Wilmington.

These historic looking apartments are located in downtown Wilmington, DE just minutes from shopping and restaurants. Click on the collage for more pictures!!! The password you will need is Wilmington. 

Colonial Court apartment buildings are located off of Maryland Avenue in Wilmington, DE just minutes away from the beautiful Riverfront. For more pictures just click on the collage and use the password Wilmington.

Contact Information:
Address - 214 W. 7th St. Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone - (302)543-4093
Fax - (302)384-3637
Email - morningstarpropertygroup@gmail.com